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Muhammad Ashraf Khan

  • 30 Years’ experience of HR Advisory and Litigation.

A.R. Adam 

  • Educated at University of Karachi (Pakistan)
  • 23 years professional experience
  • Focus Areas: Real Estate, Corporate, Regulatory, and Labour  Laws.

Saif Malik

  • Graduated from University of Punjab, Lahore (Pakistan) and S.M. Law College, Karachi (Pakistan).
  • 26 years professional experience
  • Focus Areas:  Taxation Laws, Maritime & Aviation Laws and Litigation.

Arshad Warsi

  • Educated at University of Karachi (Pakistan)
  • 14 years Professional in the High Court
  • Focus Areas: Litigation in High Courts and District Courts as well as Arbitrations proceedings across Pakistan in Commercial, Corporate, Banking, Company Corporate Crimes and Real Estate Disputes. 

Habib Bawaney

  • Graduated from University of Karachi (Pakistan)
  • 18 years association with S&S
  • Focus Areas: Work Permits, Work Visas, Intellectual Property Registrations, Protection and Maintenance.