• Inform clients regarding the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) w.r.t TRIPS Agreement (e.g. Copyrights, Industrial designs, Trademarks, etc.)
  • Advise the clients on Anti-dumping law, Safeguard Measures and Countervailing Duties
  • Provide input regarding the Dispute Resolution Mechanism of WTO
  • Reply to clients’ queries on the implication of other WTO Agreements (e.g. ATC. Agriculture, Phvto-sanitary measures, etc.)
  • Give input to clients on the implication of the Agreement on Trade Related Investment Measures (TRIMS) and its impact on locally produced goods.
  • Take up cases of tariff anomaly, tariff protection antidumping, safeguard action and counterfeiting duties with the National Tariff Commission, Central Board of Revenue C.B.R), Engineering Development Board (EDB) and Ministry of Commerce in collaboration with our associates based in Islamabad.