• Consultations & Review of:
    1. Technology and Software Contracts.
    2. Solution Providers Agreement.
    3. System Integration Agreements. Turnkey Contracts.
    4. Build Operate and Transfer Agreements with complexity of Multi-Vendor Agreements and Sub-Contractor’s Agreement.
    5. Software Export Agreements.
    6. IT Consultancy Agreement for overseas Customers.
  • Act as IT/Software Escrow Agent on Client’s behalf.
  • Package legal, regulatory and licensing services to enable an international Licensor/Investor to set-up shop in Pakistan.
  • Package consultancy, legal, regulatory and licensing service for a Pakistani IT Company to set-up shop in Europe and United States. This would be accomplished in close coordination with our international associate Law Firm of Thelon Reid & Priest, New York and Washington, D.C.
  • Consultations and Review of Contract for exportation of IT manpower from Pakistan (individual or collective manpower contracts).
  • Worldwide domain name management Services.
  • Internet brand protection and Recovery
  • Infringement monitoring.