• Drafting of Employment Contracts, Advice / Guidance / Documentation on hiring and termination of employment for any reason.
  • Advice, guidance and documentations for hiring contract labor through a Labor Contractor.
  • Any disciplinary or Show Cause Notices, Charge Sheet and Warning Letters to Employees.
  • Response to Employee’s Grievance Notice. Legal assistance in terms of conducting Internal Enquiry and related process for dismissal on grounds of Misconduct.
  • Legal Representation in any Conciliatory proceedings before the Labor Directorate.
  • Legal Counsel or advice in relation to Union Settlement from time- to time.
  • Total legal support and representation in terms of any Labor Court Cases/Litigations.
  • Advice, Registration and representation vis-à-vis Employees Old Age Benefit Institution (EOBI), Social Security, Education Cass etc.
  • Preparation of Pension Plan, Provident Fund and Gratuity Fund, and Registration of the same with the Tax Authorities.